Human Design Intro

 Stop wondering "what's wrong with me" and embrace your gifts to feel LIBERATED and make life easy. 

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I remember very clearly sitting at my desk thinking "what's wrong with me?


Why isn't this enough for me?


I've 'made it.' Why am I not jumping for joy?" after I was getting ready to accept another promotion, a raise, and going from leading one team of 19 people to 2 teams, totaling 26 people.


I'd worked SO HARD to make it to that point.




Stayed late, come in early.


Put god knows how many miles on my car commuting. 


So why wasn't it enough?

Once I discovered Human Design, and learned more about myself and who I am as a person, everything shifted for me. My quirks and nuances finally made SENSE. It was as if someone had handed me a permission slip with a stamp of approval for being,


What is Human Design?

Human Design is a logical and systematic analysis of the I'Ching, Hindu Chakra system Astrology, Kabbalah, genetics and physics that provides a manual of who you are as a person. 


Using your birth date, time, and location of birth, Human Design shows us what makes us unique, and in knowing what makes us tick, we are able to begin to tune into our body's innate wisdom, make more empowered decisions, and begin to live life in a much more authentic way. 

What's Included in the Human Design Intro Package?

This package contains one 75-90 minute session and a 50 minute follow up session 

Session 1: Understand

Our first session will be an Initial reading of your chart that will help you understand your key components and what makes you tick. 

Session 2: Integrate and Implement

Now that you know more about yourself, what's next? I provide you with practical tips and how-to's that will empower you to begin to LIVE your Design, uncover conditioning that's been keeping you stuck or holding you back, and coaching around how to begin the re-conditioning process so that you can live your BEST life. 



The Human Design Intro Package is being offered for $300 - a 50% discount on the regular price of the service.

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I'm IN! 
2 Payments of $150

Want to know more about your Design, but don't want a package?

No problem. Receiving a foundation reading of your Human Design chart will give you ample information to know yourself in a deeper and profound way, as well and tools to be empowered to make decisions and begin to LIVE your Design.  


- A 75- 90 minute session in which we dig into your Human Design chart.

- We'll discuss your type, profile, authority, definition, strategy, not-self theme and touch briefly on your incarnation cross in this session, and you'll leave knowing and understanding yourself deeper than you ever have before. 

- Cost: $150




Q: What if I need to reschedule a session I've booked?

A: No problem! As long as you provide 48 hours notice, rescheduling is an option. 

Q: Do you give refunds after I purchase this package?

A: No. All sales are final. 

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