Mastering the Mindset of Weightloss


For the Busy Woman who Wants to Have Her Cupcake and Eat it Too

A few years ago, I purchased YET ANOTHER diet and workout plan. I was immediately let down when I opened the meal plan and saw that it called for me to eat up to a pound of chicken per day, or 6 eggs, strength train 5 days/week AND add a few days of cardio in as well.


I remember thinking ‘WTF? Seriously, why does it have to be that hard?’ Those who know me know that I LOVE a good cupcake, craft beer, and ALLLLLL the delicious food. What on earth is the point of following a meal plan for 6 weeks to lose some weight, when I knew I wasn’t gonna follow that plan for the rest of my life?

In that moment, I decided that IT GETS TO BE EASY. It GETS TO BE FUN. I stopped following workout plans altogether, doing what people “should” be doing to lose weight, and just did whatever the hell I WANTED to do.


I’d head to the gym without a plan as to what my workout would look like - opting instead to choose when I got there based on what I WANTED to do. I signed up for workout classes when I WANTED to do them.


I ate foods that were good for me, AND allowed myself to indulge WITHOUT attaching guilt, shame or negativity to them.


And once I’d made that decision, and shifted my mindset around the way getting healthy and losing weight SHOULD look, my body changed FAST. Honestly, that experience is what lead me to coaching in the first place, and it’s my desire to help others achieve the same results WITHOUT deprivation diets and being a slave to the treadmill (unless the treadmill is your jam, in which case, tread on, sister)


Mastering the Mindset of Weightloss is all about inner work - who are you being when you’re eating or showing up at the gym? What limiting beliefs are you holding onto that aren’t serving you, or are keeping you stuck? Do you find yourself self sabotaging once you’re experiencing some success and moving toward your goals?

It’s all about getting into alignment with what you want, and being wiling to peel back the layers to figure out why you’ve been stuck, struggling, or plateaued. 


Mastering the Mindset of Weightloss is an 8 week group program, designed to:

  • Help you feel sexy, confident and radiant in your own skin

  • Take back your power when it comes to food and fitness

  • Ditch deprivation, guilt, and shame around food, and what society says is required in order to lose weight

  • Let go of comparison and judgement


Course logistics:

  • One 1:1 call prior to the course start or during week one to hone in on what it is that you REALLY want to be experiencing

  • Three 60 minute group coaching calls

  • Weekly training videos on Facebook

  • Private Facebook group for support



  • $497 pay in full or 2 payments of $275 for early bird enrollment (open through July 17)

Pay in Full
2 Payments

VIP Upgrade (only available to 5 people):

  • Three additional 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls

  • Unlimited Voxer access for support and accountability

  • $697 pay in full or 3 payments of $266.

Pay in Full
3 Payments

We start on August 5 - this is your opportunity to fully step into the woman you know you’re capable of being.


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