Parenting by Design

 Ever wanted a "How To Guide" for your kiddos? Read on...

You're a parent. You love your kids. And....sometimes you do not understand them AT ALL. 

What works for one doesn't work at all for the other.


They are totally different people than you are.

Mama, I feel you! But then, I pulled my kids' Human Design charts, and it ALLLLL clicked for me. 

Simple, easy tweaks and changes based on my kids' unique type, strategy, authority and profile made all the change in the world. 

Now I get to empower them to lean into their uniqueness, and having some simple tools is all it took. 

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a logical and systematic analysis of the I'Ching, Hindu Chakra system Astrology, Kabbalah, genetics, and physics that provides a manual of who you are as a person. 


Using your birth date, time, and location of birth, Human Design shows us what makes us unique, and in knowing what makes us tick, we are able to begin to tune into our body's innate wisdom, make more empowered decisions, and begin to live life in a much more authentic way. 

How Can Knowing My Child's Design Benefit Me?

Human Design can go DEEP. But here's the thing - you don't have to go deep to reap the benefits of knowing a few key aspects of your child's chart to feel a profound impact in the way you parent, and the way that your child  responds.

You GET to be empowered in knowing that simple tweaks to phrasing a question such as "what would you like for dinner tonight" can make all the difference in the way that your child responds. By following their Design, you get to make things a little simpler - and if you're anything like me, a little bit simpler goes a long way sometimes. 


Get a reading of your child's energy type, strategy, authority and profile for $75. If you have multiple children and want readings for all of them (I mean....who wouldn't), your first child's chart is $75 and each additional child is $50. 

You will receive your readings by email within 7 days of ordering. Additionally, if you need anything clarified for you, you will receive one email support session from me in which to get answers to additional questions that you might have. 

Please provide your child's date of birth, time of birth (to the minute), and location of birth (city/state, country) at the time you check out so that I have everything needed to pull their unique chart. 

I'm IN! Book My Child's Reading


Q: Do you give refunds after I purchase this package?

A: No. Once your reading has been delivered, all sales are final. 


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